what's wrong with falling in love with a prisoner?

@AyE_88 (13)
November 6, 2009 11:36am CST
I never thought I would experience this very hard consequence in my life, yes its true that if we really fell in love everything is unconditional. It seemed like its not me giving way of the feeling that I have felt before. I was never going to give up I said, I have found everything in him, but the problem is...he is a prisoner!! I cant help but get hurt each time I remember that past that I have with him, Im so full of love, joy and all...Which Ive never experienced from a free man, but as like the old story goes I have to forget everything and live him, because I know my parents wont be happy to know that I was with a prisoner and I am sacrificing myself just to get to him... The only thing that's left to me now is our memories, the happiest memories Ive ever have for 22 years in my life..And that question that pushes me to answer but I cant.. What was really wrong with falling in love to a prisoner?? Did Ive done the right thing? Or is it just because Im a coward to fight for the relationship... (heartBreak)