whats with the new news feed and live feed?

United States
November 6, 2009 7:29pm CST
OK facebook keeps changing things and not letting us know about them.... its getting really anoying... and now this new live feed and new feed, whats the difference?????? can anyone help me
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@much2say (41355)
• United States
9 Nov 09
I personally don't see the point of having 2 different feeds. I always have to switch it to the live feed - since it seems to have everything. The news feed only seems to have random bits, from hours ago (even yesterday) . . . and there's no point in looking through that when I can look at everything by scrolling through the live feed. I wish they'd keep it at ONE feed . . . too many options isn't necessarily a good thing. Boo on Facebook for this change!
@cryw0lf (1302)
• United Kingdom
7 Nov 09
Live feed is what is coming through right here and now sort of thing, for example, 2 minutes ago, 3 minutes ago etc. But news feed is an overall general feed of information.
• Malaysia
7 Nov 09
I first noticed because my homepage showed that my sister published she is now friends with [Insert Name]. We both play a certain Facebook games that require adding temporary friends for exchanging stuff purposes so I was rather irked when I found out it's a new feature - I'm going to see a lot of such things in the future and it feels like spam
@snurre (17)
• Sweden
7 Nov 09
I think it's really confusing. It looks like they basically do the same thing, but randomly put some updates in one feed and others in both. And sometimes the ones that are listed in both come in a different order. I really don't understand it. But the live feed updates itself automatically, which I think the news feed does not.
@chookie1971 (2276)
• Australia
7 Nov 09
I have just looked at the difference. Live feed consists all a lot more information right down to who has become friends with who. News feed is stuff that your friends publish.