How do you react when something is thrust on you?

@subha12 (18453)
November 6, 2009 7:42pm CST
There are moments in life, when your near and dear ones thrust some of their decisisons on you. If you are not ready to accept it they feel bad, they even sometimes have heated arguments with you. Do you always obey those decissions in the anticipation of avoiding the face off? or you protest?
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@renestl (99)
• United States
29 Mar 10
Hi Subha, I've recently started to get mad and protest these decisions. I used to go along with it to avoid arguments and hurting peoples feelings. I started to realize that they aren't respecting my right to say no. I've also had to learn to start saying no, because most of the time it was something that I had absolutely no interest in, but I didn't want to be the bad guy. My time is valuable and now I want to do thing because I enjoy them, not because I'm forced to.
• India
8 Nov 09
I would definitely protest and I guess that is what I have done b4. But the down side of a protest is if we stand alone, we get defeated! Yeah, I had to go through it and though many found what I was protesting for the truth, they did not want to loose their jobs. So, there I was completely lonely, and wanting to fight for what was right, but defeated at last!
• United States
7 Nov 09
Oh, I become angry. Especially since I was diagnosed with a Mental Disorder. The whole ritual of going to therapists regularly, being "named" with your disorder title, fuss about necessary medicine, is enough to put you into a rhythm that is not like the old rhythm before people publicized and romanticized your differences and problems. I guess I feel bad about this, and I project my feelings to legal and authoritative things. This does not mean I don't have hope for the hopeless, because I do. If you link mental illness with religion or religious experiences there is a fuzzy line and it may be credible to pursue thought and relief. I think that some of the "binding of my wild imagination" has helped me. But I am still bound today, it is still by wildness, but also by the hammer-ons of put-your-thumb on it social control. Very strange! I'm getting a physical manifestation/hallucination right now in my neck. it hurts..
@winterose (39918)
• Canada
7 Nov 09
it all depends on how the person is and what the situation is if I think it is something that really should be handled by somebody else I will just say so.
@Hatley (164527)
• Garden Grove, California
7 Nov 09
hi subha nice to see you here again, hatley here. It really depends on what the decisions are whether or not I am ready to accept their decisions. I don't always obey just to avoid an argument if the decision is one I cannot go along with. I do protest if its something that perhaps might be borderline illegal or borderline immoral. I do protest and mightily too may I add.The other person should make damned sure that he has not crossed any lines before he wants me to accept his decisions.