do you usually ride bike?

November 7, 2009 10:09pm CST
hi,mylotter, now, I do not usually ride a bike, when I am a student ,I ride bike to go to school every day,this not only saves a lot of money,but also makes my body stronger. so do you usually ride bike ?for job?for study or for exercising?
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@gunagohan (3415)
• India
9 Nov 09
yes, i do ride my motor bike often...but i don't take it to my college, because i have college buses picking and dropping.. but to other outside classes, swimming and to football camp, i go by my bike.. i love bikes.. happy mylotting..
@dragon54u (31636)
• United States
8 Nov 09
I used to love riding a bicycle but I can no longer do so because of my arthritis and my painful back. In fact, I used to ride my bike a mile to work and half of that was uphill. I was in great shape then! I miss riding my bike, it just sits in the garage with a flat tire. It's one of the prices of aging, I guess.
• United States
8 Nov 09
Gosh it has been so long since I have ridden a bike I am not even sure I would still know how to . I haven't ridden a bike in about 10 or 11 years when I was a teenager. I would love to start riding again and my husband and I are always telling one another that we both need to buy bikes for ourselves that way we can go for bike rides on the bike trails that we have here. We take our kids down them a lot in the summer and let them ride their bikes while we walk but it would be nice to ride a bike and go a little faster down the trails with the kids.
• Australia
8 Nov 09
I absolutely love bike riding and I do it everyday for atleast 20 minutes. The only time I wouldn't ride my bike is if I have a event on the day or if it is raining. Yes there are benefits in bike riding like you said, you save money and your body also becomes tougher. Can I ask however, did you still ride your bike when it was raining, or did you then get a lift?