What is the difference between "Priority" and "Important"?

November 8, 2009 12:16pm CST
"What is the difference between Priority and Important"? This lines are the most common question being raised up during interviews. Sometimes, its hard to differentiate the two. Both of them is correct. But maybe, there is at least a small difference. As I define it, Not all Important are Priority. But all things tagged as Priority are important. I can say so, because, if you are having a due date in your department in an office, you will take into consideration to do first the work which is to be submitted on or before its due date. However, if you left for a while with regard to the other work, it does not mean that they are less priority. Only you need to attend first to the work which has a due date (that's why its called PRIORITY). And then, the work that you will going to do secondly is the next important things (these are the ones that being classified as IMPORTANT. Maybe you a have a much wide explanation, as to what is the difference between PRIORITY? and IMPORTANT?