Tornado is Really Missing

November 9, 2009 12:03am CST
It's been more than 24 hours since he has hasn't showed up. The last time I saw him was Saturday night and it hasn't been raining here in my place. I tried calling him, looking up and down the street, but can't find him. I was hoping that he would show up this morning, but he still isn't here. I feel sad, he might have been hit by a car or motorbike and my neighbors knowing that he is my pet might have disposed of his body. Or he could be somewhere hurt. If he doesn't come home till tonight, then I have really lost my kitten Tornado.
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@Ruby722 (798)
• China
10 Nov 09
Hi there I am so sorry to hear that.I hope your pet will soon show up. Nowdays when a pet disappear is really make us worried about.Cause a few people hurt these lost cats or dogs.I hope your will soon find it.Blessing your cat.
@Ithink (10492)
• United States
10 Nov 09
Im so sorry, I hope that your kitten returns. I know what it feels like to have a cat come up missing when you are very attatched to them. Maybe he just is out and about and will return shortly.
@jugsjugs (13044)
10 Nov 09
My cat was missing for two whole weeks and a lady up the road had heard i had lost my cat so she asked me to come to her garden.She was fine,scared but fine.I think my cat was locked in a shed or something and when the people opened that is when she ran.Now she will not go outside.The cats home say that it is best to call a cat at 9 at night as that is when it is quiet and there are hardly no children or traffic about so you have more of a chance of hearing the cat as well as the cat coming out of hiding if it has been scared.I hope you find your cat.
@gabs8513 (48714)
• United Kingdom
9 Nov 09
Sometimes they can stay away for Days and specially if there is a Female Cat about that is on heat Do not give up on him, when I had my Cats 2 of them disappeared for 2 weeks and then came back The other option is also that he might be locked in somewhere, like a shed, Garage or somewhere like that Ask your Neighbors if they have seen him , leave some food out for him as that could get him to come back, maybe someone has scared him and he is hiding I really hope that he returns to you as I know what it is like to loose a Pet and not know what has happened to it I will keep you in my Thoughts