Children are so cute

November 9, 2009 4:52am CST
Is it just me or are children just the cutest things?
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@Sir_bobby88 (8244)
• Singapore
2 Dec 09
Yes i think they are very cute as they are blessed by the god yea .
@ava152007 (645)
• India
15 Nov 09
Hi I think all childrens are very cute and very innocent! I just love kids, They are so sweet we cant just explain. They are wonder of world and gods great gift one ever get.
• India
13 Nov 09
Children are cute and very nice.But they are not as innocent or unassuming as you like to think them to be.They can be extremely manipulative to get things they want and the do understand and utilise the psyche of their parents to have it their way. We found this the hard way through our little daughter.She changes her techniques according to our moods ; sometimes she cries,other times she tries explaining through examples of others what she wants, yet in other moments she is aggressive in her demands and tries a little blackmail like not taking her food till she is given what she wants.So even though it is great to have children around they can be a handful when they want to be.
@JoyfulOne (6242)
• United States
9 Nov 09
No, you're not alone lol. I have yet to see a child who isn't cute in their own way. Some little ones are natural smilers, and some look like they're so serious as they're concentrating and learning new stuff. Their facial expressions run the whole gamut, and often when they're checking something out they can go from one expression to another in an instant. I have always enjoyed all children, they are each unique, cute, and special in their own right.
@Zhizho (1352)
• Indonesia
9 Nov 09
Hi.Children are so cute when you see them in good caracter or their innocent and baby face.But,I think you will give different opinion when you see them in others looking.They good actor when they make fault or when they cried and no body can stop it..But,children are so unique.
• India
9 Nov 09
hi dear friend what you said is right children are the cutest thing in the life actually in the world too and the most wonderful thing is their smile its really amazing one have a nice day thank you
• India
9 Nov 09
Childrens are always so cute.We can enjoy 24hours also watching them. They do very cute activities.They are something special and an wonderful gift for us.Anyone share the nice moments with ur kids?
@maximax8 (28560)
• United Kingdom
9 Nov 09
All children are really cute looking, from a tiny baby to an older child with a bright smile. Babies are adorable, toddlers look charming and children look cute. Little girls often wear pretty looking pink dresses. Young boys often wear lovely looking dungarees. The clothing they wear has motifs on it sometimes saying 'princess'.
@dpk262006 (56521)
• Delhi, India
9 Nov 09
Hi there! No doubts about it that all children look so innocent and cute that you get drawn towards them. You always love children for their unassuming self and genuineness. I also love sweet little toddlers with an inviting smile on their face. They look purest, when they look at you with their blinking and spotless eyes. They are the real gifts of the great God.