Are proud of being yourself right now? Why??

November 9, 2009 8:53pm CST
No matter what problem you face right now... No matter who you are in this life... No matter what personality you own... No matter how rich you are... No matter how poor you are... No matter how miserable you are... No matter how beautiful you are... No matter how ugly you are... No matter how......... Are you proud of being yourself? Why?
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@dorannmwin (36698)
• United States
10 Nov 09
I've always been proud of being myself. I am unique as every person in this world is, there is no one that is quite like me. I have a very giving heart and I love to share everything that I have with those that are around me. I have a family that I wouldn't trade for anything in the world that is very supportive of every decision that I make in my life. I actually can't think of a single reason why I would never be proud to be myself.
• Indonesia
10 Nov 09
yep, definitely! =D i'm facing some problems right now with friends, i'm sad because they misunderstood about me. But i've made my decision and i believe it was the right one, since i followed my heart and i can't choose between friends so i decided to just do nothing again in the middle of it, after i've done my best for them... i am proud of me, of what i became past, my future will be, and everything in me..the whole package, goodness and badness lol..the angel and the rebel in me lol..yes, i'm proud of it =D why, because that's how i could respect myself..and it's important to really know ourself and respect, therefore people will respect us too for who we are..