How do you react when somebody says No in front of you?

November 9, 2009 11:23pm CST
What is your immediate reaction when you hear a big No from somebody in front of you? This question comes to me when I see one of my neighbour's case from the balcony of my house. She has a girl of 10 years age of quite arrogant nature. She struggled every time to cope with her and do what that child likes. But the child never satisfied and go for some other demand. On that very day she was calling that girl to take her launch which she prepared in her own hand. Though she is poor and left by her husband she struggles to do everything ok and earn some livelihood. It hurts my ear when the child shouted "No" gazing furiously to her mother's face. She remains silent for a moment and then breaks into crying. I understand that she is already very hurt and this reaction terrible hurts her.
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@amyson (3509)
• Philippines
10 Nov 09
well that is sad situation but children nowadays reacted this way maybe because when the child still was very young she was being spoiled by her parents.gave what she wants.regression is common among schoolage children and you can talk to the child alone and a close door a "time out" is good way to handle tantrums.for example you tell the child to face on the wall for couple of minutes as part of punishment.and tell her that next time around she won't do it or else she will be facing on the time out again.this how to discipline a child.