How many blogs can you manage at once?

@tomysole (457)
United States
November 10, 2009 6:42am CST
I know many of you make extra money on the side by blogging and creating content online. Just curious.....How many blogs have you been able to successfully manage at once?
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9 Jan 10
For me I prefer to concentrate my efforts solely on the single blog, or website as mine technically is. Part of this is because the site I am working on now is what I am most passionate about and would be my dream come true if I can turn it into a full time job. But the other reason I found is that I felt stretched when trying to maintainin more than one site and was a case of having a few mediocre sites, rather than one which was actually quite good. But there are many people, especially those who have been blogging for a while and know all the ins & outs of it, who can manage quite comfortably maintaining more than one site using guest posts from readers to keep a constant flow of new material on their sites.
@Nameless_ (1181)
• Australia
4 Dec 09
haha, I guess I am just not as good of a blogger as people here. I only have one blog, and a very bad one too, though it has very very high quality content in it. I am managing one blog first, and have maybe half a plan to start another, but that's enough for me... two blogs are enough... if not one. I am actually currently struggling with the one blog that I have, so I have no plans to start another blog in the near future, though I would like to have many blogs at once though. :) Good money maker. Of course, I'll donate it all to charity though, so no point. :)
@WebMann (4732)
• Canada
10 Nov 09
I was trying to manage 30 blogs but was way over my head for that much work. I decided I would get more done if I dropped the blogs that weren't producing any income at. So I dropped 9 of my blogs and I am letting them expire and won't renew them. I am much less stressed now but I still think to do a really good job I should probably drop a few more.