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November 12, 2009 5:49pm CST
Lately young adult books have become extremely popular. Reading has integrated itself back into the teenage society, and as a librarian, I couldn't be more thrilled. Literature for teenagers has taken a bit of a bias though. The fantasy genre, particularly witches and vampires, has almost taken over completely. I love those types of stories myself. However, my problem lies in the fact that over the past several years, before these books turned into witch and vampire obsessions (to the point where they are reprinting older books about those subjects which didn't sell well during the time when young adult literature wasn't that popular), I had actually been writing two young adult novels of my own. The issue is that I'm wondering if I should go through with publication now since the market is currently flooded with those types of books, and I'm thinking that my stories might just get lost in the mix. Sample chapters from both of them are here if you want to check them out. I'm just kind of wondering what I need to do about this mess. The Awaited Witch Guardian
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@maezee (32996)
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13 Nov 09
I don't think there can really ever be ENOUGH fantasy books, especially in the young adult section. The thing is, what will kids read once they've read all of the Twilight books? And when they're sick of the Harry Potter and LOTR books? In my opinion, the fact that these types of books are so "in" right now will probably work in your FAVOR instead of against you (know what I mean?) And I'm sure your motivation for writing goes just beyond how successful it would be if it were published. Writing a book, I would imagine, is a huge personal accomplishment that you can have & hold for the rest of your life. Either way, successful or not, at least you'll have that personal triumph. Good luck on the rest of your books.
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13 Nov 09
I couldn't say it any better than Maezee's comment! It will work in your favor rather than against you. If you are going to market this book, someone will pick it us or express interest in reading it just a little more since it is a popular subject. It is a wonderful accomplishment - be proud!
14 Dec 09
Hello = first, yes, go on with your writing and publishing!!!!!!!!!! But the real reason Im respodng - I am trying to find an online forum for adult readers of teenage literature. I belonged to one a few years ago, and cannot find them again! Does anyone know about this group? Thanks for any info - Tamara
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16 Nov 09
My college writing professor imparted upon us the philosophy that there are only 7 original, unique story lines. It is what a person does with any one of those that separates the writer from the great writer. While that may sound like a bit of a cop out, the point is that sure, witch stories and vampire stories have been done. They have been done A LOT. But if yours is original, unique and brings something fascinating and relevant to the table - and if you promote the bejeezus out of it - it won't get lost in the shuffle. I think a huge part of this rising trend is word of mouth. I can't even count how many people I have heard say, "I wasn't going to read the Twilight books until my mom/sister/cousin/friend/co-worker couldn't stop talking about them so I decided to try them and I was hooked!" So get some people hooked. Preferably people with big mouths.
@solared (1210)
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13 Nov 09
Do it, and if your not entirely sure then publish with a 2nd rate company, but you spent the time so got those published.