whats your dogs race?

November 13, 2009 3:26pm CST
mine is shust a dog
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@savypat (20246)
• United States
13 Nov 09
I hope you mean dog breed. Mine is a hound dog, she tracks things with her nose and chases anything that will run, she is good on the ranch where she has a lot of room to run, she is good in the house because when she doesn't smell anything to chase she sleeps unless someone comes to the house then she greets them with a lot of noise, so she's a guard dog also.
@jewels49 (1783)
• United States
14 Nov 09
I too hope we are talking about breed. We have a Saint Bernard. We have always had one. There have been times when we adopted a shelter dog, back when the kids were small, but the big guys are a constant for us. My husband works away from home alot of the year and the security you feel with one in the house is worth having to keep drool rags placed strategically in various rooms. We've also always had a house full of our kids and their friends and Saints are not a dog we ever had to worry about being aggressive with any of them. A more loyal friend is hard to find.
@Calais (10900)
• Australia
15 Nov 09
My dogs BREED is a Doberman.
@qamarep (4448)
• Pakistan
14 Nov 09
i never knew that you guys make races of dogs i always thought they are just of different designs and colours. you guys very shallow
@codris (783)
• Italy
13 Nov 09
my dog has no race, he's a cross of two races, i don't know the english for " meticcio" it's a cross of two different species of dogsm or a cross with a little dog and a fox, i think. He's old now, he's 12 years old, his eyes work only a bit, also his mouth, he have not all the teeth, so he can't eat every food he want, but only some kind of food made only for him.
• Canada
13 Nov 09
We think our dog is part Carolina Dog (American Dingo) and part German Shepherd. He smells like pancakes.