Name some of the ways or techniques you are applying the law of attraction.

United States
November 14, 2009 2:22pm CST
The Law of Attraction is very real and people are utilizing it in all forms and levels right now to achieve their dreams and goals. Through monitoring and controlling your attitude and perception you can change the experience in your life. The programming that lies in the depths of your subconscious mind is that which controls your conscious mind, which in turn contols the choices and decisions you make in relation to the direction your life takes. By thinking positively you will be much more likely to have positive experiences to match. However, it is not enough to think postively, you truly must believe and see yourself in that dream or goal that you would like to manifest into your life.
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• Philippines
15 Nov 09
I got my IPod because of the law of attraction.I've been thinking and picturing myself,that,while commuting from home to office and back,I have an IPod that I listen to.I even had iTunes installed in my laptop even if I don't have IPod yet.lo and behold,I got an IPod Classic last October.I always think of the things I want.I think about them everyday.I act as if I have these things.I have pictures of them to see how I would like them to look like.lucky for me,one of these thought came into reality.
• United States
15 Nov 09
This is something for which I had no name until quite recently, but it is a practice I have followed since I was a child. If I want something to happen, I put all y attention on it. Of course, that can't be done at all times, but I return to it very often. It has never failed. I don't believe in this practice for material gain, but I do use the Law as part of my prayer and meditation practice for life circumstances and such...
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• Netherlands
14 Nov 09
Well, I have the secret on dvd but they aren't very clear on any tips whatsoever as to utilizing the secret without forgetting you actually know the secret and want it to work.