The US Moon Landing-Fake???

United States
November 14, 2009 10:30pm CST
Do you think the United States faked the historic moon landing?
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• Sri Lanka
10 Dec 11
When someone says the moon landing is a hoax, just ask him how many hoax moon landings are there in total. The Apollo mission re. moon landing went as follows; Apollo 11 Launched 16 July 1969 Landed on Moon 20 July 1969 Sea of Tranquility Returned to Earth 24 July 1969 Apollo 12 Launched 14 November 1969 Landed on Moon 19 November 1969 Ocean of Storms Returned to Earth 24 November 1969 Apollo 13 Launched 11 April 1970 Lunar Flyby and Return Malfunction forced cancellation of lunar landing Returned to Earth 17 April 1970 Apollo 14 Launched 31 January 1971 Landed on Moon 5 February 1971 Fra Mauro Returned to Earth 9 February 1971 Apollo 15 Launched 26 July 1971 Landed on Moon 30 July 1971 Hadley Rille Returned to Earth 7 August 1971 Apollo 16 Launched 16 April 1972 Landed on Moon 20 April 1972 Descartes Returned to Earth 27 April 1972 Apollo 17 Launched 07 December 1972 Landed on Moon 11 December 1972 Taurus-Littrow Returned to Earth 19 December 1972 From 11 to 17 only Apollo only Apollo 13 aborted its mission. So were all these faked. Impossible. Landing on the Moon is much easier than faking it.
4 Mar 10
No, that would have been impossible. How could they have possibly faked hours of video and film footage that was clearly taken in a one sixth gee vacuum environment, along with thousands of still photos? And where would they have got the samples of moon rock and regalith, which were chemically unlike anything on Earth and similar to the samples that the Soviets brought back? None of the conspiracy theories make any sense when you examine them.
• Alexandria, Virginia
15 Nov 09
No I do not think the US faked the moon landing. It wouldhave been cheaper todo the real deal than to fake it