Practice What You Preach

November 15, 2009 4:30am CST
Some of us are good in giving advise. Some of us are very well adept in giving criticisms. We often told our kids what's bad or good. Do this or do that. But, when we come to evaluate our own deeds, we then realize that there are things even if we know it is bad , we are still doing it. Do you often practice what you preach?
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@abanerji (1026)
• India
15 Nov 09
hi yeah, i try to practise what i preach. there are things which i don't do but i feel like preaching. in such cases, i do the preaching and let the person know that i am unable to follow what i preached...
@syankee525 (6294)
• United States
15 Nov 09
yeah i try to do what i preach about, either when it comes to people and how they act or do things wrong. but i know so many that dont and its get on my nerves. my daughter in law is the good one that sure dont, she will preach about how jesus wants us to do this or that. blu blu when it comes to her its a different story then
• Philippines
15 Nov 09
Admittedly, not at all times. But doing things which are seemingly not in accordance with "what I preach" are mostly done for fun and only for topics to lighten up the mood in the office, which are usually jokes.(I know, this is not an excuse though, lol). As parents, we have always refrained from discussing serious mature topics at home but in the office where everyone is of maturity age, these things crop up in discussions because we all just want to have fun and laughter. Also, I am too keen on my observation of some co-workers who are seminar trainors and speakers of therapeutic programs which we administer to clients. Now, they have expanded the program to office workers. Sometimes, I don't think it right for these trainors to be "breaking" their own rules when there are times that they don't even see "eye to eye" with each other. Yet, they preach against this and about holding grudges with their fellow. Something is not right there.