what according to you are the best ways to quit smoking?

@unagie (122)
November 15, 2009 2:00pm CST
lets discuss about one of the most harmful habit out their today. lets quote out some unique and effective ways to quit smoking. i will start: --( apart from getting aware about the diseases caused). You can make a promise to a person u actually really care about that you will try to quit. The promise can have some rewards and punishments also, upto to u.
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• Philippines
15 Nov 09
yeah that's true if u really care someone, stop smoking! He/She might caught up with the smoke thus making her/him sick! I quit smoking because of my health, it's making it worse. .
@ayebelle (368)
• Philippines
16 Nov 09
How many stick do you smoke a day? Oh how is your health? I got actually difficult in breathing, that's why i want to stop smoking and then quit. Smoking has really bad effects, i can prove that based on my experience, i look older because of that. Sleepless nights at night, and it is carcinogenic.
• Philippines
16 Nov 09
5~10 sticks especially at night...yeah i have difficulty breathing too but it's getting better now.. thanks to my new job here in the internet i really have to stop smoking.=) or else i'll get old quick! or i'll never get old because I might die young. hehe=(
@Pose123 (21667)
• Canada
16 Nov 09
Hi unagie, There are quite a few ways but nothing that seems to work for everyone. Your suggestion is a good one and may work for some people. I tried many times to quit and finally did so with the help of the nicotine patch. I know this doesn't work for everyone but it did for me.Some people have quit using hypnosis and others by going to support groups. Blessings.