Did you ever wish you had a sister?

@hunieby (207)
November 16, 2009 8:05am CST
I grew up with only brothers.Sometimes i wished I had a sister who I can share stuffs with. We could exchange clothes, talk about a lot of stuffs that I could not talk with my brothers. How about you?
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@flagella08 (5069)
• Philippines
20 Dec 09
i have four sisters but we don't go along well. we have different attitudes and we don't seem to be connected that much. i guess it was because of how our parents raised us. i wish i had a brother. more than the connection and the bond, i guess i go along well with boys than girls.
@pp_earn (210)
• India
20 Dec 09
Same pinch! I also grew up with brothers only.I too wish I had a sister.The very first thought came when I saw twin sisters in my school days,woo, I too wished if I did have a sister how nice it would have been,I mean, I could have done so many things with her, studying,shopping,eating outside, playing and so many things and it would have been such a great fun.But,unfortunately this is not true,so saddddd.....
@fornalina (157)
• Poland
22 Nov 09
When I was 12 my mom became pregnant. Since I already had a brother (an older one) I wished it would be a girl. I thought that little sisters are really cute and when they'll grow up you will have a great friend, you'll be able to confide in her, go to parties with her. But the baby turned out to be a boy. At first I was disappointed. I really wanted to have a younger sister. But now I'm happy that I have a younger brother, he's really great, we're do close each other. He's always happy when I come back home (I study in other city) and when I leave he's always so sad. Since I'm the only daughter I have a special place in my dad's heart. He will always let me do more, always love me more than anyone. If I had a sister I would loose this special place.
@ced_cap (207)
• Philippines
19 Nov 09
i have only one sibling(a big brother). i remember always begging my parents give me a little sister cause i want to know what it's like to have one. but unfortunately that did not happen. but me and my brother goes along very well. we seldom fight and maybe that's the advantage of being his only little sister because my parents would always tell him to always have patience with me.
@Wizzywig (7859)
16 Nov 09
I had no sisters but I never had any great wish for one & wouldn't want to share clothes anyway. I was fortunate enough to have a brilliant brother who was also a great friend.
@AmbiePam (50719)
• United States
16 Nov 09
I have one older sister. She is older than me by two years. I don't have any brothers. She didn't want to have much to do with me when we were kids and teenagers. She wasn't nice to me, and I spent a lot of time trying to do things to get her to be friends with me. Oh sure, we would talk about stuff, but mostly when she was bored, or none of her friends were around. I'm 28 now and she is 30. She lives three hours away, and we probably get along better now, although I don't think it is the distance. Getting married has mellowed her out, and she is actually a lot nicer to me these days.
@thuynhu (663)
• United States
16 Nov 09
Yes there are times that I wish I had a sister growing up. I grew up with 3 brothers and it was a little hectic every now and then. It was tough not having someone to talk about those feminine things at those times. It was hard when there was no one there to understand what you were going through. But of course you make the best out of things and I surely did. I love my brothers and I grew up a bit rougher than the average girl but I'm okay with it and so is my husband. This way he knows I can take care of myself if need be.