how do i choose flower for a flower garden

November 16, 2009 3:07pm CST
there are several hundred choices for our flower garden, and it seem like mission impossible to make a decisionof choosing flowers for a flower garden. what are the omst important factors that we can consider and useful for us to choose the types of flowers?
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@Hatley (164394)
• Garden Grove, California
22 Nov 09
smallcloud go to the library or a bookstore and get the latest version of western Gardens as it has suggestions for all the zones in the United states for flowers,veggies, fruits, trees all sorts of things. it is a really great go to book for suggestions on making flower gardens and all other kinds of gardens,it is not just for the western states either so get a copy or borrow a copy as you will really use the book. it will also tell you what is the best flowers to grow where you live and thats what you do need to know, also how to care for them and all the rest of the info you will need.
@jewels49 (1783)
• United States
17 Nov 09
you need to know what zone you live in for planting and growing. Figure out how much sun and how much shade your garden will get and pick your plants accordingly. Do you want to grow perennials or annuals..plants or from seed, if you live where you get winter like I do you have to decide if you want to plant something that has to be lifted and re-planted every year. Check out gardens around your neighborhood for ideas..plant and seed catalogs can be a great source of inspiration. Most importantly trust that nothing has to be forever,, if you pick a flower or plant you end up hating you can always pull it out, pass it on, or move it. That's what makes it so much fun. Good luck and happy planting