girls play soccer

@HeidiD (167)
November 17, 2009 9:21am CST
Are there a lot of girls playing soccer around you? Is soccer one of popular sports between girls? I often see groups of boys playing soccer after class in the playground, but no girls. Maybe soccer is a bit furious for girls and female? Sometimes I'm puzzled about it.
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• United States
21 Nov 09
Yes there are girls playing soccer where I live. In this town, there are girl leagues as well as boys. This goes for school leagues as well. I tried out for a high school league. But I didn't succeed in the try outs. It was much too hard. I only went to one try out session. Even though I played soccer (and I am a girl) from Kindergarden to Jr. High, I couldn't play with as much aggressiveness and skill as most of the people trying out. I actually don't have that much skill with soccer. I had a little bit of aggression that I used every now and then throughout my soccer playing history. I was really good when I got aggressive and had more skill like this. I played defense mostly. I played goalie once, it was awful! It is popular. Maybe it's just not popular where you are for girls to play soccer. I don't think it is too furious for girls. There are a lot of rough girls out there, who are talented. I also think you know this! Is there girls playing soccer on TV? Or in the paper, or on the internet? Soccer is puzzling because it is so aggressive. All sports are aggressive mostly. This I think you have to deal with. Some people are good at it.
@Lucky09 (1771)
• Philippines
19 Nov 09
hi HeidiD^^;; oh China is one of the strongest team in women's soccer so how come you can't see no one trying to follow those professionals in your country? anyway, it's not much in my country but yes there are.. and i was one of those girls and i am now one of those women. though it's really difficult to recruit new players as soccer is not a feminine sports but there are still some interested. if one is joining, i think she should be ready to be scratched and received scars and bruises everywhere where many girls don't like since they wanted a nice legs...that's why i think
@ram_cv (16516)
• India
17 Nov 09
Unfortunately, in India, less females actually indulge in physical sports. So we do not have many girls playing soccer in India. In fact, even hockey which is our national game, we find a very few girls taking it up. Off late, though quite a few girls have taken up cricket and tennis and that is a good thing and we are beginning to see some international sports women emerge from the country which is a great thing. Cheers! Ram