Pizza at Italian resturant

November 18, 2009 12:48am CST
I had a pizza last night in an Italian restaurant. It was a cheese pizza and stuffing was very crispy. I loved the taste and hope to enjoy it again whenever I will get a chance. In fact I ordered t pack another after enjoying one at the resturant. Do you like Italian Pizza?
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@bamrahkirti (1819)
• India
19 Nov 09
I love to have pizza and when i was unmarried i used to hang out with my friends at my favorite pizza place. After marriage i moved to a small town where pizzas are not available.Moreover my hubby does not like it.So now days i do not get enough chances to relish it.
• India
19 Nov 09
AAh, Sounds sad. My sister in Law, married to my brother also resents shifting to my home town just for pizzas and McD Burgers. But my father lives there, and he can not be left alone, so my brother shifted his clinic. Nevertheless, she miss her Bhopal life and the joys of metro city a lot.
@thea09 (18327)
• Greece
20 Nov 09
Hi gunjanpri, I haven't been to Italy to sample a real Italian pizza but there are some who believe anyway that Greeks invented pizza. If there is a taverna with a real pizza oven then the pizzas are very good with a crisp base and although they have menus with a selection of pizzas to choose from they always let you choose exactly what you want.
• Philippines
18 Nov 09
yup, really ylike pizzzzzaaaaaa a lot!
• Poland
18 Nov 09
Well, that depends... I am Spanish and I lived in Italy for four years, so I have a lot of "pizza experience". There are many "Italian" restaurants out there, and I'm afraid to say that most of them are as Italian as the Eiffel Tower. However, I must say that if it is REAL Italian pizza, then I'm in. By real Italian pizza I mean thin base, crispy border, a base layer of tomato and mozzarella cheese (yes, with any other cheese it's just not the real deal), and virtually anything non-sweet on top. I know it might be slightly controversial but that means no pinapple, banana, or any other random fruits, for that matter. And it MUST have oregano on top, otherwise, like with the mozzarella, it's just not the real thing. I hope my reply was useful! dreW