how do lower my electric bill?

November 18, 2009 8:48am CST
it seems that your utilities keep going up, especially your electric bill, as the economy changes and prices go up, it is reflected in the cost of power, it doesnt help that in today's modern homes, there are more electrical appliances than ever. sure, many products claim to be energy efficient but anything that runs on electricity is going to add to the overall cost of your monthly bill. so what do you do?if you are experiencing really high electricity bills, how do i lower my electric bill?
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@rucrazy4 (785)
• India
18 Nov 09
Ya i am agree with you now present we use many electric and electronic appliance at home... and this is reason of heavy electricity bill.... For saving electric.. I used 5-star rating appliance .. (which are known as low consumption device).... and use electronic appliance most...beside electrical...
@yan_blue8 (1438)
• Philippines
18 Nov 09
I'm also finding ways on how we can lower our bill since it is $50 a month. grrr! No matter how we turn off our lights when it is not used, or how we turn off our refrigerator when we are defrosting it, our bill would still be the same. Let me know when you have the answer. :)
@ram_cv (16516)
• India
18 Nov 09
Hi, That's a good question in today's world of lower availability and high costs of energy. For starters you can move to CFL lamps instead of bulbs etc. in your house. Ensure that your electric equipments are all energy star compliant. They consume around 30-40% less electricity than most other appliances. Ensure that when you switch off an equipment you actually take it's plug off as there is still some small residue current which gets used simply by leaving the equipment plugged in. Hope these help. Cheers! Ram