Which Clock is RIGHT??!!??

United States
November 19, 2009 9:01am CST
Why is it that we have a clock in the living room, dining room, the bedroom and then our cellphone clock when we go to look at them, each one has a different time?!? Which one is right? I know when I set them, I set them all the same. Does this happen to you in your family also? It gets alittle aggravating and even at my inlaws, the clocks are all different also. Casper must have been messing with me!! :) happy posting....
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@kawalnarang (1095)
• Trinidad And Tobago
19 Nov 09
The only reson I believe ,,happening is,, some work slower , by time,u need ti check them or just keep one or two,,less confusion
• United States
20 Nov 09
I like it when everyone asks, which clock is right!!! Gets everyone mad. :)
@Wizzywig (7859)
19 Nov 09
The clock in my car is at least 5minutes fast, my phone is 2minutes fast, the alarm clock is about right, the one on the microwave is an hour fast because i haven't bothered to change it went the clocks went back.... ummm, I think my fob watch is about right but its not the same time as any of the clocks at work....