do you think stars are overglamorized

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November 19, 2009 7:23pm CST
this is my opinion,jump in if you want...i feel that sport stars and movie stars are way's not like they have super powers or are from some sort of higher power,,all they are is in front of a camera why do we as a society have to be told how great they are i could care less about how pretty or handsome someone is,i have more respect for my high school teachers or the average cop or fireman..we need to quit supporting this kind of thinking because it's not good for our society our children etc. time to search for something real..not whats put on tv or radio.
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@maezee (32974)
• United States
20 Nov 09
I agree, and I share your opinion. I wish more people felt the way you do. The world would probably be a much better place if they did. I agree, though. I think "in real life" heroes and idols are MUCH better to look up to than celebrities. Moms, teachers, community figures, etc.. are much healthier role models too. I definitely think celebrities are over-glamorized, mainly in the fact that they are photoshopped, wear too much makeup, and are usually stick-thin. It makes me a little sad to realize that a lot of younger kids end up looking UP to these celebrities and athletes..Just because they aren't the best role models, and they resemble the unattainable ideals of "beauty" that society has.. And kids don't always realize that. I'm afraid that a lot of young girls (especially) develop eating disorders and poor self esteem trying to look like Miley Cyrus (you get the point). It's very unhealthy.