Do you always give people a benefit of doubt?

November 20, 2009 11:41pm CST
Almost always I gave someone a benefit of doubt, especially those people who are very close to me. Even to the extend where it's quite obvious that it was their fault. And since they can't seem to accept it, I still give a chance and give them a benefit of doubt. But there are those kind of people who often overact to some gossip and rumors, that even though they didn't know the whole truth they assume that the person was bad. They don't take time to think and somehow give the person a benefit of doubt. They often jump into a conclusion. Although I can't blame them, it's what they are. How often do you give other people a benefit of doubt? Do you think it's good to always give a benefit of doubt?
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• Philippines
21 Nov 09
Hi careguarden. I would say "it depends." Depends as to who is/are the person/s involved. Depends on the magnitude of the impact to me, my family and friends. Depends on the frequency of the occurrence of the same instance/rumor/action. Giving a person the benefit of the doubt is highly subjective.
@ram_cv (16516)
• India
21 Nov 09
I tend to give people the benefit of doubt at least once. If they do something which I am not happy about, I would give them one more chance. If they are close friends I might give them another chance as well. I am not a firm believer in coincidences, so if the same person does things that cause me unhappiness over and over again, I would not give that person any more benefit of doubts!! Cheers! Ram