Ps3 or Xbox 360?

United States
November 22, 2009 2:38pm CST
Ps3 is good b/c the games have better quality. 360 is better b/c you can find friends easier. Both are great systems, but i prefer Ps3 b/c online is free and the games rule. tell me what all you guys/girls think about these systems, prove me wrong about them if want to!
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@b19dcx (2)
19 Sep 11
xbox 360! Ps3 are great, graphics excellent and the biggest and best point that overcomes the xbox 360 is built in blu ray... HOWEVER.. Xbox 360 has a great reputation, more user friendly for the younger generation with use of the "avatars" Graphics are also excellent but Microsoft have let there selves down by not incorporating the blue ray in them. Psn VS Xbox live.... Psn, FREE!! great gameplay Xbox live = ££$$ + :( unhappy pockets! - Easily used, great online experience. Accessories.. Ps3 have a better selection of headsets as you can use bluetooth car headsets with these Xbox 360 has a better variety of storage where its inbuilt and portable hard drives as well as memory units. Overall both have ups and downs, both over priced. ~But i am an avid xbox 360 gamer, sorry sony...BILL GATES allllll the way =)
21 Aug 12
XBOX 360 IS THE BEST ! I love Xbox live too
@tonyllenium (6266)
• Italy
23 Dec 12
personally i think these 2 are almost equal so both xbox or ps3 enables advantages or disavantages i never bought a dedicated game console before because i am still paying using my pc but may be playstation is still a must for gaming entertainment and even last nintendo consoles are really interesting so it depends from different tastes in general!!
• Qatar
1 Dec 09
you are right ps3 is good.i have a ps3 and like it.the games rule and internet is free.but what you dont do is not look positively at every side ps3 has free online but it lags whereas xbox 360 has an non free online system. you have to pay but the ps3 online system wouldnot reach any where near the xbox 360. the thing is both are mind blowing systems and they have good games but if you are a man who love multimedia(just like i do) you will probably buy ps3 also for its blu ray quality.but did you hear about project natal if you like their idea then you may go for xbox 360 .the games are just cool in the both system and they are worth the money and sony or microsoft will not make 8th generation console for years from now . so it can be upto you for choosing and you dont have to listen to anybody and that may decieve you so,happy choosing consoles .but i dont like to be a fanboy because i know both the consoles have potentials in its aspects so buying any one of those systems will do you only good in many aspects .thanks
@ResuLR (5)
• Albania
22 Nov 09
I play last week Ps 3 and was very good game i play soccer " football " and i have fun but i can tell you which is the best beacous i never played xbox 360. Sorry ?