This just broke my heart into pieces today..

November 24, 2009 1:27am CST
A mother of I believe two. a 4 year old and a fifteen month old were at Pearson International Airport here in Toronto and the mother was holding her 15 month old when her 4 year old wanted attention or something. she bent over to the 4 year old and her 15 month old slipped right out of her arms. Fell to the first floor from the second and hit the marble floor.. Rushed to the hospital but was pronounced dead almost immediately. The death was ruled accidental after officials checked out the cameras and whatnot. That's so heartbreaking though.. You wake up in the morning expecting to go back home and then this tragedy happens in your life. I could not believe it..
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24 Nov 09
That really is so very tragic and unfortunate and it does make you appreciate what you have more, well me anyway. I hope you are ok after witnessing something so traumatic and my thoughts are going out to the mother of the child.
• Canada
24 Nov 09
Oh I definitely didn't see it. I just heard about it though, and read it in the paper. They showed a picture, such a cute child, too. Had no idea what was comin. The only thing that makes you wonder is how a child ends up in a position where he/she can fall like that? The airport here has railings so I'm trying to figure out where in the airport this child fell. I know it was in the departure area I believe, but that's really it.
@silverglint (2001)
• Philippines
24 Nov 09
How tragic... I can only imagine the pain the mom has to go through knowing that the child was in her arms and the baby slipped... it was an accident, yes, but still it would be very hard to move on... I wonder what the effect will be on the 4-year old also.
@lelin1123 (15643)
• Puerto Rico
24 Nov 09
Oh how horrible is this. I can't imagine what the mother is going thru. It is so hearbreaking when you hear of such tragic accidents happening to precious little ones. How does one go on after such a tradegy.
@Drsunny21 (558)
• India
24 Nov 09
Sorry i cant say anything...It is heart-breaking...