Bishop Thomas

@77klove (109)
United States
November 25, 2009 4:51pm CST
Here is what I dislike about the guy...I understand that he is this big relgious person that would do anything for this faith. OK, good for him...who is he to tell us to quit our jobs and to concentrate more on our faith or to contribute more into our faith...mmmmm, I DON'T MIND QUITTING MY long as you're paying my everyday needs. This old lady said about the kennedy story that"they should let him take communion regardless of what he thinks" refering to what Kennedy is thinking. I KNOW RIGHT...let the guy take communion JEEZZZZZ..freaking extremist preak...These relegious people think they are all this and that, thinking they are THE IDEALISTIC IMAGE OF GOD'S creation...sick of all that. What he said on Fox news "if you're catholic, live up to your faith, understand what the church teaches, accept those teachings" He also said, if your job gets in the way of your faith, you should quit your profession (that's not his EXACTwords for words, but that's what he said)I mean...I think there are NUMEROUS HYPOCRITES GOING TO CHURCH that should not RECIEVE COMMUNION, what is he going to do next, BAN EVERYONE TO TAKE OR GO TO CHURCH because of our personal life style or issues or struggle...HE WANTS us to put everything down, YOUR JOB YOUR LIFE STYLE...TO SAVE YOUR SOUL. I am a God believer, BUT I WILL NEVER NEVER IN THIS LIFE OR THE OTHER follow such extrem rules. Everytime I hear Religious groups bringing this up about this and that, MAKES ME SICK...I mean WHO CARES...people have their own struggle, we all believe in ONE, NOT TWO, ONE God...BECAUSE WE HAVE DIFFERENT LIFE STYLE or our daily life gets in the way of our faith from time to time SHOULD NOT PROHIBIT us from going to CHURCH at ALL, regardless of what we think and so foth... Why aren't people standing up against this man...I THOUGHT THE HOUSE OF GOD IS FOR EVERYONE WHO WANTS TO KNOW, LEARN, ASK FOR FORGIVENESS, PRACTICE regardless of how little they practice or how often...I THOUGHT IT WAS JUST OPEN FOR everyone EVERYONE...poor, rich, smart, dumb, disabled, healthy, sick, gay, lesbian, siners, none siners, I MEAN EVERYONE... I might not be PERFECTLY RIGHT about this whole catholic rules orsteps...all I know is I definitely disagree with Thomas's statement and I guess his point of views as well. I am not 100 percent correct but I know I am right... ANYONE ELSE FEEL THE SAME WAY AS I DO, what are your thoughts about the BISHOP.
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@Pose123 (21666)
• Canada
25 Nov 09
Hi 77klove, First of all I'm not a Roman Catholic, although my wife is and I find the beliefs of that church to be equal to those of most Christian churches. I have never heard of this Bishop Thomas, but he does seem to be a bit radical if he expects people to quit their jobs. I am not a religious person but I am spiritual and I believe in treating others the way that we want to be treated. I'm not concerned about going to church but in living as Christ, the way shower, taught us to live. By the way, I agree with your stand against what this Bishop is saying and if I were a Catholic, I'd be with you on this. Blessings.
@77klove (109)
• United States
26 Nov 09
Well I guess we're both spiritual although my parents well my mom is catholic, dad is protestant and me I do not wish to be catholic nor protestant, I just want to learn all sort of religion and apply it to my own definition of belief and rules. I definitely respect other's belief and way of living as long as they keep their faith to them selves and no try to force others do the same or tell them you're doing wrong by doing this and so forth...big different in teaching and forcing...anyways This Bishop might MIGHT MIGHT be a good person but as far as point of views and belief...NOT AT ALL...and yes he did say that if our job gets in the way of our faith or anything else, we should cease everything and save our soul by commiting to church which I think is HIGHLY UNREALISTIC MY opinion