If you are given a chance to have dinner with a celebrity, Whom do you prefer?

@srija12 (211)
November 27, 2009 4:45am CST
People will have difference dreams in mind like want to have dinner with some special persons.If you are given a chance to have dinner with a celebrity with whom u want to have dinner?
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27 Nov 09
I would of said michael jackon but....So i would now say Mariah Carey.
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@marguicha (105930)
• Chile
27 Nov 09
I gave a thought to your question and discovered that I dine with my special persons very often. I much rather dine with a friend or some of the members of my family than to dine with a stranger. Celebrities (as in movie stars) are people who know how to play different roles. I love some of the characters they play, but they are not what they are. I have had diners with many celebrities during my life and they were nice people. But I dined with them not because they were celebrities, but because they crossed my path in some way. I have never been with a movie star but I have dined with important soccer players, writers, Nobel Prizes and the President of my country. They were all like you and me. Take care and happy posting!
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@alshea (6)
1 Mar 13
asap rocky- antime/anyplace and anywhere!!! :)
@Hatley (164450)
• Garden Grove, California
2 Jan 10
hi srija12 only one for me and that is Harrison Ford, he is an interesting actor and i have loved everything I have ever seen him in so would love to meet him and talk to him. I am an elderly senior citizen so its not about any romantic crap. I just think I would like him as a person. He seems very interesting to me.
@aadi_87 (347)
• India
27 Nov 09
Hi!! There are actually three celebrities with whom I would love to go on a dinner date and those are Emma Watson,Kareena Kapoor and Katherine Heigl( hope this happens in reality lol ).If I got to choose between them then I would go on a dinner date with Harry potter star Emma Watson who portrays the role of hermione granger in the movie series.M a huge fan of harry potter books and was never interested in those movies but when I saw grown up Emma in the prisoner of Azkaban,I was like gosh she's so beautiful and then I was hooked onto the harry potter movies.I have a huge crush on her from a long time now and she was my first ever crush on a celeb.I would go with her if given a chance [:p].Who would you go with for a dinner?