how can i get chubby cheeks without gaining weight??? help me

@akki16 (81)
November 28, 2009 2:44pm CST
round cheeks - cute...
HI guys, hope everybody is doin fine but not me. The more i do work out in the gym, the more i get a chiseled look which i dislike. And the more i include fat in my diet, the more i see an effect on my tummy. I followed every diet chart in my sight.. nothing proved effective. Eating dairy products would not help in my case. Now after reading this stuff many of you may think that why would a boy like to have chubby cheeks. Guys... the reason is my girl friend . Every time i kiss her on her cheeks i feel amazing. I want her to feel the same. Also, chubby cheeks give you a cute look. I am kinda very much fond of that. Help me..PAAAhlease