New v. Used

United States
November 30, 2009 3:10pm CST
My car is getting older and starting to have issues so I've been thinking about a new car. My BF insists that I stick to NEW only. "Too many problems with used" I've always had used cars and have never had a problem. I would love a new car but I can't afford it. Not really sure what to do. I'm looking for suggestions and input please...
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@chetanvk (211)
• India
22 Feb 10
I would go with used car because I am also unabel to afford to the new one. I would suggest you to go to the new car only if you are in position to afford it. If you wan to go with used vehicle, the n I would suggest you to buy vehicle not more than 2yrs old. If you get your favourite car with more than 2yrs old then the maximum limit is 5yrs. Never ever cross the 5yrs old line. The vehicle more than 5yrs will have many problems. The 2 years old car will not have any problem if its has then I think it will be in warranty period. So go for used car not older than 5 years. Do not bother what your BF says. just do what you like not others.
@ShepherdSpy (8562)
• Omagh, Northern Ireland
25 Jan 10
Go with your own experience,would be my advice...(Or let Him buy one for You!) Would you prefer to buy from a dealer you've trusted before,or do you go to auctions or buy privately? Buying a new car is mostly a good idea (if you can afford it,or the payment outlay over the term of the purchase or lease agreement),but there can be teething problems with a new car too..You could get an outright "Lemon" with no end of niggles,fixes,and recalls..And if you're buying new,depreciation will wipe at least a grand off the value of it the moment you drive it away! A used car at around 2 years old might still have some warranty,the new car depreciation wouldn't be an issue,it should have been fully serviced by the dealer from new,and therefore should have had any teething problems sorted out,and should still be new enough to give good service for years..I'm in a similar situation with an Aging car..It's not causing major problems,it's running ok,but this "Scrappage Scheme" running Here offers £2k for my car against a new one..but I can't afford to buy one outright,and I don't want the monthly payments! I think I'll hold on to this one til it breaks,saving in the meantime,then see what I can get that's used.. Good Luck with yours!
@mystone (42)
• Indonesia
3 Dec 09
Surely everyone would prefer to buy new car then used when they can afford it. But if that's not possible, then it would be fine to buy used car. We just have to make sure the used car we're going to buy is in good condition. Maybe you could ask for someone's favor who understand cars very well so they can give us good advice on choosing the best car for us.
@GemLou (12)
3 Dec 09
I bought my car as a used car and don't regret it for a second. No-one in my family is in a position to buy a brand new car so used is our only choice. As long as you check it over thoroughly before buying a used car can be just as good as a new one.