why do u like pizza

@ari8388 (167)
December 2, 2009 1:21am CST
hi guys there r different types of pizzas available with different flavours why do u like pizza so much ???????????????
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@greenline (14864)
• Canada
12 Dec 09
I like pizza very much. I often have pizza for lunch, dinner, and just for snack too. It's the different kinds of toppings that make pizza very dilicious and addictive. Yeah, I can say I am a bit addicted to pizza. My favorite is hawaiian pizza with lots of cheese and pineapple. My second choice would be vegetarian pizza, a variety of veggies. Yummy, yummy !
@sublime03 (1811)
• Philippines
11 Dec 09
Good question on why I like pizza. I guess I love the crunchy crust plus super cheesy with pepperoni on it. I love the simplicity of it on how you can open the box and dive in to how many slices you can feed yourself.
@Baluyadav (3644)
• India
2 Dec 09
hi,ari,i didn't like pizza,as it not origion from my native country..but youngsters preering them including my children.. Have a nice time.
@checkmail (2042)
• India
2 Dec 09
Hello ari8388 this is checkmail and me too like to eat pizza foten but am not an regualr pizza eater.Yeah sometimes when out and have mood to taste it then go for some plain cheese capsicum pizza's.Mostly one is enough for me.But when making it at home have atleast two-three pizza at a time.Mostly make pizza of capsicum, carrot, corn, etc cheese pizza.Yeah they are really delicious and juicy to have it when its still hot.Well like the pizza and its taste.
@musicman6 (2371)
• United States
2 Dec 09
Well, would you believe this story! When I had surgery for Cancer, they run me through chemotherapy and radiation treatments, that left my dietary system messed up! But at least I did survive, and I don't have to have an ostomy bag! And they told me there would be some side-effects! But there are a few foods I cannot eat, because they have a real devastating effect on my dietary consumption! And pizza, is one of my favorite foods that I can eat, and I eat it with no problem! My favorite is Meatlovers with thin crust! And on it, sometimes I like anchovies, sometimes Jalapenos, and sometimes with mushroooms also! The other one I like is Italian sausage!