how you ever been inlove with someone that you havent seen or met?

December 2, 2009 11:44am CST
well im asking these because i have exprienced that a couple of times already. when im texting someone and we become close especially if the guy seems nice. i dont know but i start to feel something when the guy is sweet to me. i start to think of him everyday i start to miss him and i start to think that im falling for him. but ironically i havent seen him yet. so i was wondering how many of you mylotters out there have experinced the same thing. did you fall for someone you havent seen yet? and if you did have the chance to see that person did your feelings remain or did they fade?
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• Canada
2 Dec 09
Yes, I've had a long-term, committed relationship with someone I met online. The first time we got together in person, I had still never even seen his picture. We had talked on the phone practically non-stop, had exchanged emails, instant messages, etc., when we finally planned a vacation together. It worked out fine and we did stay together. Having said that, I do think it's easy, as you've explained, to fall for someone that makes you happy every day... someone that makes you feel special, tells you things you want (or need) to hear... someone that puts laughter into your life during the worst possible times. I think it's important to treat online relationships as real relationships because, inevitably, the feelings they evoke are VERY real. People fall in love, get hurt, break up, fall in love again, all the time -- just as they do offline. Starting a relationship online is a very viable thing nowadays. It allows us to meet people that we might never have met otherwise, due to distance. The dynamics of the relationship are just very different (and more demanding, most of the time) than those with someone we can see and touch every day.
• Philippines
3 Dec 09
hola thinkingoutloud. i agree to your responce. people do fall inlove get hurt breakup and then fall inlove again.