Weird question (inspired by mel)

United States
December 3, 2009 4:18am CST
1. What kind of coffin do you want? 2. What kind of clothes would you wear in your coffin? 3. What kind of shoes would you wear in your coffin? 4. Would you be holding something/doing anything in your coffin? 5. What songs would you like played/pieces read at your funeral? I'll go first... 1. Pine wood, frilly satin lining, soft pillow. 2. Either a v-neck dress or blouse & loose skirt 3. Nothing - bury this girl barefoot, please. 4. Holding a bouquet of flowers/being pretty ;) 5. Songs - Strawberry Fields forever and In My Life Readings - Anything from A Shropshire Lad No wimpy answers like "It doesn't matter, I'll be dead, etc." Use your imaginations!
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@Wizzywig (7859)
3 Dec 09
1. cardboard box or a biodegradeable bin liner 2. not that old sheet would do 3. no need for shoes 4. nothing... or maybe my inflateable penguin. 5. Wherever you will go - The Calling; Gulf Coast Highway- Nanci Griffith; Be Somebody - Kings of Leon