Do you still have time to do physical exercise?

December 3, 2009 4:17pm CST
Most people are busy right now not only those who go to work but also those who go to school to study.Some say that in order to relieve stress one should have a break, unwind and relax.So ,people visit places, go shopping, take time in the internet, etc.But how about physical exercise? Do you you still time to do it?Some are already lazy to do it.Do you make it as a part of your daily life?Thank you for your ideas.
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• Philippines
4 Dec 09
Although I had been lazy the past few months, I am now slowly going back to play badminton. It is one that I really love to play. It is a fast play and it really makes me active throughout the game. I feel I am feeling "heavier" now and as a result, it really makes me lazy to move around. Last week, I had only been at the badminton courts for two days and one day this week, . I agree that exercise is a very good stress reliever. I enjoy playing it a lot especially that I get lots of laughs from friends.
@weasel81 (2502)
• Australia
4 Dec 09
my version of exercise is walking to work and taking the dogs out, i ride horses also. it helps me work of anything, that is annoying me.
@much2say (39159)
• United States
3 Dec 09
Exercising IS important. Everyone says they are too busy to exercise . . . but is that really true? They have time to shop, visit places, go on the internet, take a shower, cook your meal, etc . . . but they don't have even 5 minutes to get any exercise in? There's always a way to fit exercise in . . . even if you think there is no time. Sitting at the office, there are stretches that can be done in the chair. Going shopping, you can step up your pace when walking. Even while cooking it can be done if you find the right exercises you can do in place. I learned in my mid 20's that exercising is essential. I really feel a difference when I have an exercise regiment. I'm over 40 now - and I just had our second baby a couple weeks ago. I am already on an exercise regiment and recovering from giving birth fairly quickly. It is a great stress reliever, but also it's good for your healthy overall - physically and mentally.