How College Students Spend Their Leisure Time

December 5, 2009 8:23pm CST
we college students have much leisure time,so we can take part in some activities.because of different tastes,some students like sports and others like literatures.students who like sports want to exercise and become a strong man or woman,and others who like literatures hope to learn more about society.whatever we like,we always absorb much useful knowledge. some students think studying is a pleasure thing.they don't take a dislike to study,however they find some interesting things when they study.when a student don't have a aim, he will not like to study.on the contrary,some who have aims and they think future is luciferous.different attitudes towards the studying create different trsults. different chances absorb different benefits.the students who like sports become stronger and stronger.the students who like literatures can know more and more. others who take studying as a pleasure of mind want to tsudy.