Do you often have headaches?

@kafueenu (1073)
December 7, 2009 4:34am CST
I often have headaches, just like now haha. I think its hereditary because my mother and sister are also the same as me. We were diagnosed to have migraine, I don't know how its is different with the normal headaches, but I know that the pain beats, just like heartbeat is. So it is much morepainful hehe.
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@borg246 (541)
• Malta
7 Dec 09
Hi kafueenu, This is a very interesting question you ask. Yes I do often have headaches that's why I spend a lot of money on painkillers. But weird as it might sound, not sure if it happens to you guys, but I recieve far more headaches in Summer as I do in Winter. Probably since my summer can be very hot, that would be the reason why. When I have a headache it usually is so bad that I can't walk, can't think straight , can't sleep. I simply can't do anything until it has passed. My advice for you is: If you have a minor headache before you go to bed, don't sleep! make sure to take a painkiller there and then. You might ask why? If you let your headache grow, then in the middle of the night your'e going to wake up with a very heavy headache which will not let you sleep. Good luck to you and have a good day.
@dodo19 (33981)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
7 Dec 09
From time to time, I'll have headaches. And sometimes they'll turn into migraines. Sometimes, i'll be fine after taking one or two tylenols or something like that. But if it's a migraine, the only thing that will make it go away is sleep. That's the only thing that I have found has worked with migraines.
@joro1best (222)
• Bulgaria
7 Dec 09
Im sick from something and i always have headaches and stomachaches ..Sometimes i don`t have but they apper,because of going out for more than 5-6 hours,and speaking with friends..Its making my head crazy :P
• China
7 Dec 09
I had headaches when I was a child.I think taking a good rest when you have headaches is useful.