What do you think of Samsung's Digital camera?

December 7, 2009 7:42am CST
I think Samsung is relatively new in the digital camera market. However, they have come out with camera that are sleek and sexy, not to mention creative new ideas too. The dual LCD screen camera is the greatest example. Do you think Samsung digital camera can beat other competitors such as Canon in terms of quality and looks?
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• India
7 Dec 09
whenever some body creates a new one, it has to come good, and samsung is really good at it. this dual lcd camera is unique , i will definetely buy it, and if its good then all other camera makers will have to bite the dust
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@LaurenInLA (2272)
• United States
7 Dec 09
I used to work for a major electronics retailer. The best digital cameras are made by Canon and Sony. Nikon is also pretty good. While Samsung makes the highest quality LCD tv on the market today, that quality hasn't yet translated to digital cameras. Be careful in terms of new features on all things electronic. First of all there are typically problems with new features in the first model year and as soon as you buy something, it's pretty much outdated. Look for Sony and Canon to come out with something similar if in fact the dual screen becomes popular. I can tell you that I rarely saw a return on a Sony or Canon camera but I can't say the same thing about other models
• Singapore
8 Dec 09
Great comment! Although I have to say that sometimes marketing is more important than quality itself. The marketing of the dual LCD digital camera from Samsung really won me over!
8 Dec 09
I like kodak cameras better.