Do you feel that something bad or terrible will happen soon?

United States
December 7, 2009 2:37pm CST
Not to be an alarmist or a fearmonger here, but I have my concerns about the catastrophes around the world happening already. First we have the Second Iranian Revolution that's ongoing against that President Amadinejad dude and it's getting extremely bloody. Then we have Honduras President Zelaya tried to alter its democratic constitution to allow himself more time in power and was forcibly removed by its own government. Next up we have Venezuelan president Chavez blowing up the bridge between it and Colombia. The plague outbreak, martial law and loss of sovereignty that's happening in Ukraine, and now in Great Britain, the confiscations of (insert weapons or self-defenses here), political correctness and multiculturalism overrunning the whole country. Now with the Copenhagen Agreement/Treaty-whatever and Imposter-President Obama (Barry Soetoro) signing away our sovereignty, the G20 protests, Climategate, and more government intrusions by the day, it may all lead up to something bad, and it may get nasty. REALLY nasty. Don't believe me, read the websites below for the REAL news I found. I don't watch the Mainstream Media/Mass Media anymore because of the propaganda and lies they retch up. From the looks of things i'd say the people are starting to rise-and-shine just in time, but it's gonna be a rude awakening. I'm not a conspiracy theorist, and please don't bring up 2012 or anything related to that, but I got a feeling that things may turn out for the worst soon. Does anyone else have that same, ominous feeling or instinct that something terrible might happen in the coming months or few years? I go to THESE sites for my REAL news: "Something wicked this way comes..."
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@Qaeyious (2362)
• United States
7 Dec 09
~ Don't worry ~ Be happy ~~ I first felt that way with Bush's "Patriot Act," and then the detaining people, especially citizens of the US, without a charge, and using other nations so they can use "advanced interrogation" (or was it "enhanced?"). Fortunately I was never put on the list, so I'm still free. ~ Let's go waterboarding now ~ Everybody's doing it now ~ Come on an interrogation with me ~~ What was that document leaked from the UK, about some intelligence being "fixed" to prove that Iraq was still involved in programs making weapons of mass destruction? Wasn't that shown to be "put out of context" or something like that? I'm not a statistician, so I don't know the process exactly, but I have read other studies that were explained about how to make the sample better to provide a better truth, usually gathering a more random sample with more factors being looked into. I must admit I am more concerned with traditional pollution and toxins in our environment than having the temperature rise a few degrees each decade. I do use the new bulbs because they do use less energy so they don't use as much electricity and I use less of them so that's less on the waste management side. If I drove a vehicle I would use one that use less fuel for the same reason. So I don't know why so many are so upset with these climate control studies. I would think the biggest impact would be the big corporations who need to comply with putting less CO2 in the air. Of course the prices of the services or products would be higher, but if we use less, maybe that will balance out. I'm not concerned with the politics of other nations. It will maybe involve international corporations having a little inconvenience. But there is nothing I can do about except to voice my opinion if I had one. Of course if they bring their issues over here in a non-diplomatic way, then I'll be concerned. I do the healthcare thing should stress on getting costs down. I heard there are a very few doctors who help out in regions with a more depressed economy offering their services for a lower fee. Pity they are so few since the only compensation beside the little money they get is the satisfaction of doing it. But I don't feel like reading a 1000+ page document to see the details. I'll deal with it if it ever passes.
@Phlamingho (7831)
• Denmark
7 Dec 09
You shouldn't think like that - remember good things come to those who think happy thought ;)