2 new girl friend

December 8, 2009 2:57pm CST
i have been in trouble- i got two girlfriends lora and alsha last week, i sen my picture to lora they asked for meting then i met only lora last week, but problem both girls are close fiends staying together for long time, one wants to talk to me and other got jelous, both started fighting each other, relation which was with these two girls are deep as ocean and dried as sand, i want to see them close and i don't want them to make any problem for their pesonal life , i tried but all in vain ,i need sugestion wha t i can do i feel bcos of me these girls are fighting
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@maezee (31497)
• United States
8 Dec 09
Yes, you are in a predicament. You probably should just back off of both of them. It's dangerous, to get involved with two people that happen to be good friends. Their friendship might be broken up because of that, now. Which is certainly unfortunate. I think you need to back off of both of them, though, possibly look for someone else. And let them work out their issues. That's probably the best. Bud in any more, and it will probably just make things worse. Good luck!
• India
12 Dec 09
really appreciate your respnse ,but i suppose to do now, how to get rid from this situation, am deepl involve and my both new girl friends are separate now , staying also seperate, is it right opportunity for me to meet one by one and discuss what is truth, if these both girls are ready to break up and lead same life as before , i will be so relax , but at the moments it seem difficult for one to take decision