How to attain world/global PEACE and live harmoniously on earth?

December 9, 2009 1:05am CST
Hi friends.... Our world now suffers from war, murder, killings, rivalry,natural disasters, poverty and a lot more.In some part of the world, people are crying for peace and justice.Everybody wants peace in this world.So how can we attain peace and live harmoniously on earth?
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5 Jan 10
Unfortunately, our generation is extremely unlikely to see the end of war - the human race will have to evolve a bit first. Actually, the nearest thing I've ever seen to a practical plan to achieve world peace was in a 1950s science fiction film I saw recently, called "On The 27th Day". The film's plot is resolved in the end by wiping out all enemies of freedom, everywhere (hence no reason for future wars). One snag, the characters had access to alien technology to achieve this, which doesn't seem to be available at the moment. ;-) Still a good film though.
• Philippines
4 Feb 10
thanks Stuart i'll try to watch the film you have mentioned.
• China
11 Dec 09
no war,no murder.where? no,god knows!!
• Philippines
12 Dec 09
yes, its only God who knows when....i didnt say that there is no war no murder, what i say is that our world now a days faces so much of these.its only in heaven that there is no war and no murder....