How computers are important in our day today life?

December 9, 2009 2:46am CST
internet - Internet became so importnat in our life.
Computres are now absolutely must for our daily life.Depending on which country one lives in,computers are now almost an essential household need.The primary reason being information gathering.Most people either keep their personal records or do some office work in home or required for the kids or for some daily informations in the net or being in touch with friends all over the world. I get anxious during the holidays because i have to spend time away from the net.Slowly,day by day,computers have started to creep into our human lives, unknowingly to the human sense. My favourite televison programs are all programmed into my computer and i generally watch them as i read my emails.I cant imagine life without my computer.It makes our work easier and faster but use it in he right way.Today computers is vey useful to people,it's in the life of every people everyday. In todays world computers are very essential.Even in personal life.For booking online tickets,paying bills,checking emails and sending important info quickly.All those are a daily requirement which computers are useful.It is also good for children as they are growing,they can learn a lot using computer.Computers are very very essential for todays generation. Friends please share how much computers are important for your day today life? Regards, Swapna