The meaning of life

December 9, 2009 10:56am CST
I'm interested in finding out what you all believe to be the meaning of life? Do you believe we are here simply to reproduce? Do you think there is a bigger meaning to life that no one is really aware of? Ideas are welcome!! Personally I believe we are just here to reproduce and have fun while we're here too..
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@1hopefulman (33405)
• Canada
10 Dec 09
When I watch the news I see a lot of people that are not having much fun due to wars, disasters, or sickness. Many are aborted so they don't even have a chance to take one step. Many children are abused. Is this the way life was meant to be? Or is there a sensible and logical explanation to what is taking place? The most sensible explanation that I have found is what I have read in the Bible. That mankind has taken a detour from what God intended for us and that we are now suffering the consequences of disobedience but that soon all will be straightened out. Then everyone will enjoy life to the full!
• Philippines
9 Dec 09
Life surely has a deep meaning. And that is to sow love. Not everybody can reproduce. But if people love for the right reasons, this world will be a very good and happy place to live in - no wars, no terrorism. True love seeks the goodness of the other, not just one's own. You will get to understand more about life in the context of loving. As a saying goes 'Love makes the world go round.'and 'GOD IS LOVE'. GOD created man to fill the earth with Love.