Your Handwriting can change your Life

Writing - write some lattes.
@babu10 (74)
December 10, 2009 1:24pm CST
Going beyond traditional graphology.which correlates handwriting patterns with personality traits,how readers can improve their lives by changing how they write. Line write throughout. When we purposefully change our handwriting. we introduce attitudes that can improve our relationships,give us the impetus to achieve and take risks, and simply bring out the best in us.Because our handwriting is a reflection of our innermost thoughts and feelings. When we fall in love then survive a serious illness, or change careers.our life is dramatically altered and,as a result, our handwriting patterns change.Conversely, desired transformations can result from intentionally changing the way specific letters are written:- Diet by changing the letter "T." Avoid being overlooked for that well-deserved promotion by changing the letter "G."Overcome shyness or stage fright by changing the letter "A." Reduce stress and cease juggling too many things at once by changing the letter "S."
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11 Dec 09
I was actually thinking along similar lines the other day. I was thinking about names. How does a persons name influence them due to how many times they write it. Are people with names that have more sharp angles like Kyle intrinsically different than those with more rounded curves like Carlos. I don't really know the answer but it is interesting that I was just recently thinking along similar lines.
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11 Dec 09
This is probably true if you believe in it. I don't think that I am going to change the letter t in my handwriting just so that I can write diet better and therefor diet better. It may work, it is a very fun piece of information. I have read a little about this, a book, once. And I did happen to change some of the letters. I changed letters according to how I wanted my personality to change, I am unsure if it really helped or not. It is interesting to think about though, and it really gave me some interesting new styles to write my letters in.
@maezee (33998)
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10 Dec 09
I always hear about handwriting analysts on TV (especially crime dramas), but in real life I can never correlate handwriting and types of it with personality traits / characteristics within a person. Maybe this is just me, I don't really know. The only thing I've noticed is that people with very neat, meticulous handwriting tend to be more organized than those who don't.