Do you kiss lip to lip to your pets ?

December 11, 2009 12:49pm CST
I have seen many times on television people kissing lip to lip to their dogs and cats, recently i saw one lady in elevator kissing her dog like anything. Dogs tongue was in her mouth and she was saying " my baby my love". I feel it is good to takecare of animals, provide them food on time, take for walk, give proper care. Do you think it is good for person's health ? Is it hygenic for person .... I know there are many people who may be having different opinion about this topic.
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• Canada
11 Dec 09
Not with my pets. I don't even do that with most humans, that is something I reserve completely for my husband and I. If we are going to kiss our cat, we kiss him on the top of the head, right between the ears. The cat, in return, will lick our hands. We are not going to go lip to lip with our pets.
• Canada
11 Dec 09
Thanks! for your reply
• United States
26 Jan 10
I can totally understand people kissing their pets, but the whole germy-ness thing... I would avoid it, for the animals health as well. A small peck is okay, though.
• Finland
16 Jan 10
i do give kisses to my cats moth to outh and don't see that there is anything wrong with it. put i do let even my cats to put their tongue in my mouth, its unhealhy, at leaset that is what i think.
@jennybianca (12914)
• Australia
12 Dec 09
Well, I kiss my cat, sort of. I taught her to kiss when she was very young. So if I say "kis", she moves up lips up to mine. We barely touch. I dont hold with dogs toungues going in peoples mouths. I seriousl;y dont think we would get too masny germs from animals. I think some people have more germs than animals.