Do you purchase bows to use on your presents or make then yourself?

United States
December 12, 2009 1:29am CST
My brother buys packages of bows to put on our presents. They are going to be exchanged here at home, but he has to put a bow on them. I told him that I was going to learn how to make bows. I have a rolls and rolls of Christmas ribbon that I could use to make them out of. Do you buy your Christmas bows or make them yourself?
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@samson1967 (7422)
• India
12 Dec 09
Making bows for gift packets is easy task!!! We can easily make them with ribbon tapes available in fancy stores. I generally wrap the gift packets with gift papers, which can be recycled. WISH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS.
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• United States
3 Jan 10
That is a wonderful way to save with recyclable paper. And making bows saves money too. They were really expensive this year. Thank you for your response.
@lkbooi (16101)
• Malaysia
19 Dec 09
Hi sweetbabyjane, how nice if you know how to make your own bows using different lovely colors of ribbons. Yeah, we prepare different sizes of presents in beautiful gift-wrapping according to the liking of our loved ones or friends. It’s so convenient that we can prepare ourselves the size as well as the color of bows to match the colors and sizes of the gift in their respective gift-wrapping I’m not a Christian so I will prepare Christmas present only if my friends invite me to attend their Christmas gathering. Most of the time I prepare birthday presents for my loved ones Yeah, I like purchasing different color and size of ribbons rolls to make different design of fancy bows. The presents will look fascinated if having an attractive and well designed bow fixed on top of it Happy posting and Merry Christmas!
@Opal26 (17690)
• United States
13 Dec 09
Hey sweet! I actually do both! Sometimes I buy a package of the already made bows and sometimes I make some of my own! I was never really good at crafts so the ones that I make don't exactly come out too great! But, I actually do prefer to try at least to make them myself! At least it gives me the feeling that I tried and makes it more personal! I also can't wrap a gift to well, so my friends and family are used to it by now!
@borg246 (541)
• Malta
12 Dec 09
Since i'm not the kind of guy who knows how to create his own ribbons, I normally just go and buy them from the store and then stick them on the presents myself. If it counts, my father can make bows and sometimes he gives them to me. I think it would be nice if I knew how to make bows, but whenever I see my father try to teach me, I often get confused heavily and end up not knowing what to do. Maybe I could try one last time to learn. We'll see.