Best antivirus for Pc

@oit236 (38)
December 12, 2009 8:24am CST
What anti-virus software do you prefer for your desktop or laptop? why?
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@dianmelydia (2272)
• Indonesia
12 Dec 09
Currently i'm using Kaspersky antivirus on my laptop. I think Kaspersky is the best one computer antivirus in this world. So far i have tried some others antivirus such as Norton antivirus, AVG antivirus, Panda antivirus, MacAffee antivirus but i only feel if my computer and internet habit is match with Kaspersky performance. This antivirus always satisfying my needs and i never experiencing with system lagging while using this antivirus together with other softwares. Perhaps you may give it a try so you can understand how good is this antivirus. Have a nice day and happy mylotting.
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@nautilus33 (1831)
12 Dec 09
Hi! I will recommend you the McAfee antivirus enterprise 8.7, because it's maybe the best antivirus. It detect's 93% of the viruses, but it's a little bit "heavy", so if your computer doesn't have much RAM and your processor is not fast enough, you may have a little problems with it- I mean, if your computer is not fast enough, it will work slowly.
• India
12 Dec 09
Every person will hve different choice Like if a specific antivirus is working for me, I will prefer it, but if that antivirus fails then I would prefer something else.I have tried Norton, Avast, Avira, Quick heal, Kaspersky and now I m running Symantec. So its just good until u find a better one.
@borg246 (541)
• Malta
12 Dec 09
I'm not really sure which anti-virus (from those that i've tried) are the best. For me, there is no better anti virus which removes all malware, riskware, spyware and viruses all together and also gives you a detailed description about it. What I find good is the F-secure anti virus. I find this good because it does all the things that I mentioned above and plus, since my mother works with the company, the anti virus and updates for me are free.
@syankee525 (6294)
• United States
12 Dec 09
i would have to say avira, its free to use and it catches alot of things as well. i put this on everyone computer i work on and have it on all my own stuff as well