Countdown 2009 "Hate"

December 12, 2009 7:39pm CST
For this year, what 10 things that happened in your life that you wish shouldn't have happened or you hated so much that you just wish it should have gone a way. Thanks
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@Hatley (164485)
• Garden Grove, California
13 Dec 09
attyjdcenteno oh thats e asy. no1. I wish myson had looked for a new job two years ago when the trouble first started with his job. 2. I wish the idiot who hired him at 41 thousand a year then cut his wages to seventeen dollars an hour had not been so mean. 3. I wish my son had not lost his job with said idiot a year ago sept. 4.I wish the idiot boss had not been so vindictive he would not sign the paperwork for my sons unemployment insurance when he let him go 5. I wish that myson could have found a job right away 6. I wish that we had not run out of money and got evicted. 7. I wish that we could have stayed to gether 8. I wish myson would get a job at once now and accumulate money so we could get back into an apartment. 9. I wish I could move out of Gold Crest. 10.I wish that all here on mylot willhave a wonderful and Merry Christmas as you are all my friend. love ya. hatley.
• Philippines
15 Dec 09
Wow that really a top ten wish. Let me adress first your last wish by saying thank you and I wish that all your wishes be granted. I jsut cant imgaine how hard on your part for going thorugh such trouble and having been through hardships. I guess each of us went through different hellish situation. I too was able to experience being evicted and whats worst is that my mother do not have that much of an income so we ended up eating once a day for many months just sustain life. But I believe that it is part of God's plan to each of us to taste our fate and that sometime in our lives we can't have prosperity always. This type of scenario of you and your son will definitely maintain your strong outlook in life, that no matter how hard life is still we can overcome it.
@arystine (1275)
• Philippines
13 Dec 09
The top would be regretting dating this guy early this year. He turned out to be a semi-stalker (LOL). I guess that's it, 2009 have been good to me and still is. :-)