Are you a man of your word?

December 13, 2009 9:17pm CST
The nobleman have got the virtue of "keep one's promise","He was as good as his words.""Suit the action to the word" since the ancient times.We usually quote these to describe a man of his words. No matter in work or everyday life,integrity is the virtue to measure the personal relationship.It is believed that all people would like to get involved with the honest people.Those who always break their promisr or the non-noble persons will often be shunned from or expelled. However,it's inevitable to break one's promise sometimes.My dear friends,have you got that kind of experience?Do you keep your promise all the time?
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@shally_hh (418)
• China
11 Jan 10
Actually,I am.I keep my promise all the time,this is not hard,because I will not make a promise unless I am sure I could do as I promise.and once I make a promise,i will try best to achieve it without any excuse.but even so,i would forgive someone who broke his promise because there are always something irresistible.Anyway,integrity is still necessary character,so we should try our best to keep it.
@maezee (35256)
• United States
14 Dec 09
Well, firstly, I'm a chick - not a man, so I guess I'm not a "MAN of my word" - but I'd like to say that I'm a "woman of my word", if you will. I think it's really important to keep promises; it's how people develop TRUST in you - and how people come to view you as RELIABLE. I'm pretty good on my responsibilities, and I know never to make a promise that I can't keep.