Two accounts on neobux?

December 15, 2009 12:53am CST
My friend by mistakenly has created two accounts of neobux and now the accounts are suspended. What can be done to re activate one account?
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@youless (97358)
• Guangzhou, China
15 Dec 09
It seems there is no other solution unless you write to Neobux admin to see whether they can deal with it. If not, then it is easy to sign up a new account anyway. I love China
• Elkin, North Carolina
15 Dec 09
You can't sign up with a new account with the same information and IP address. The same thing will end up happening and the account will be deleted.
• India
15 Dec 09
Don't worry neha jain, I think I already welcomed you, Ok Neobux has its terms clear, You can have multiple accounts, but the beauty is that I you logged in with a account today, you cannot use the other account today, But you can use the other account for the next day but you cannot use the first account, So for a IP only one account can be used for a day, But its all not for a single person, if you have family members you can use it with different email id and paypal, But if you got suspended, try only to send a support ticket to the admin and explain them that you have done this by mistake or without your knowledge, There is no other way to get your account back. Else ask you referrer to send a support ticket and ask him/her to explain the reason. Good luck to your account, May I know how long have you been using Neo? Just PM me!
@johnnykay (1057)
• Hungary
15 Dec 09
he must write to an admin on neobux, or make a 3rd account and use that only one! have a nice day!
@etongong (164)
• Philippines
15 Dec 09
Better start from scratch and lodge a Support Ticket to NeoBux Admin, informing them the history of your previous accounts. Anyways, if ever Admin will reinstate your account there in NeoBux, you still going to start from 0.00 credits, might as well make a new one much faster.
• India
15 Dec 09
Creating multiple account is against site rules.Nothing can done at this stage.It is better to create a new account and start from the scratch.