Do you prefer a real or fake christmas tree?

December 16, 2009 5:39am CST
Every year we have the same discussion in our house - should we have a real christmas tree or a fake one? My husbands votes for "fake" - it is cheaper, doesn't make a mess and is so much easier to put up. I vot vote "real" - it smells lovely, reminds me of my childhood and just makes Christmas real. What do you think? And what do you have in your house?
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@bhav27 (443)
• India
18 Dec 09
i will always prefer a real tree instead of a fake tree because Christmas comes one time a year and celebrating it with a fake material will always left me with a feeling that the Christmas celebration we had this year with a fake tree was also fake? i don't know but why this feeling arise in my heart but it hurts me a lot so i always celebrate Christmas with the real tree which is planted at my backward. So merry Christmas to everyone and have blast on this Christmas.
18 Dec 09
It's probably because you grew up with a real tree like I did. Have a lovely Christmas yourself.
• Argentina
16 Dec 09
I have a fake christmas tree, but I would prefer a real tree. I would be better in my opinion.
17 Dec 09
Good old convenience, then?
@mains50 (299)
• Canada
16 Dec 09
a real tree brings out more joy :D fake tree is good for people who are pro environmental
16 Dec 09
I grew up with a real tree and still would miss it. But I guess there are good quality fake ones out there nowadays.
• United States
16 Dec 09
Hi taraelocin, I prefer a fake tree, they are easier to put up and cheaper as you can use it for many years and it won't die or anything. I've always had a fake tree growing up and I still have one now that I'm 24 years old. We always had a fake one because we always had animals as well and they said the fake trees aren't good if your cat or dog happens to eat the pine needles, they can be lethal. I moved to California from Rhode Island in September so I had to get a new Christmas' Tree but I did get a fake one this year as usual and it's just as well considering I got a great buy. My cat also loves to sleep under the Christmas' Tree on the tree skirt and if we had a real tree I wouldn't want her doing that. The tree cost my room mate and I $100.00 plus tax on sale and it's great if you ask me because now we won't have to buy a new one for a long, long time. I never had a real one but I've known people who have and they've never appealed too me, the fact that you spend money on a tree each and every year when you could save money each year if you had invested in a fake tree. I don't believe the smell would personally agree with me either since I have a lot of allergy problems as does my best friend who lives with me. It is nice that people have the option of either a fake or real tree based on their preferences though.
16 Dec 09
I can imagine a real tree isn't ideal with animals in the house - apart from eating the needles I heart many stories of trees being knocked over by overexcited animals! Good point - I never thought of allergies, but I guess that can be an issue with christmas trees as well.